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9te Switching to the 1stFKI & other plans for the clan in NW

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Hello good sir of the 9te greeting from your Hptm :d

I have something I wish to inform all of you of that has been in planning for the past couple weeks.

As all of you know the next version of Mount and Musket will be called Mount and Blade : Napoleonic Wars (NW)
and it will cost $10 and be released later this month.

The regiment will be 100% converted to this new game discontinuing all official events in MM. For a member to stay in the regiment they must buy Napoleonic Wars and re apply via a brief application that will posted on this website.

Members will have their same rank returned to them.

Now onto the other natter in which the name of this thread regards.

When Napoleonic Wars is released the 9te will switch its name and unit to the 1st Freikorps Infantry. We have decided to so this because it will make the transitioning and assortment of members who have NW and dont have NW extremely easy. We also wish to do this because some minor changes will happen to the regiment which I will list at the end of this article. Also because the FK's uniforms are really sexy xD

This will not start immediently the unit will be switched upon the game being released. Members may join early upon pre-orders being aviable.

So in short the 9te will have the new name 1st Freikorps Infantry Battalion. The tags will be 1stFKI_*Rank*_*name*

Ingame Uniform Full Pic : http://www.flyingsquirrelent.eu/screenshots/ingame/14.jpg
uniform screens: Show

Also our uniforms are in this video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9rTNnc-sFCk&feature=plcp&context=C46b49c6VDvjVQa1PpcFPeGJaCYhAoOcJOPC0i4tcGXwfiugdxgI4%3D
Go to 4 minutes in to see Freikorps Musician uniforms.


Also a new rank titled applicant will be put in effect. [Written by Ice]

Upon being accepted into the regiment, you will be given an applicant rank for a period of a week or two depending on your actions and how you represent yourself in the regiment. Once you become an applicant you will place your tags (in teamspeak only) as so: 9te_*name*. This is to specify that you are with us in teamspeak and applying to join the regiment.

After being an applicant, if you are accepted into the regiment you will given the rank of Rekrut and your tags will be as follows: 9te_Leib_Rkt_*name*.

Posted Apr 6, 12 · OP
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You might want to change where I put 9te into 1stFKI
Posted Apr 7, 12